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Airplane Accidents – Cause of “Broken Wings” |
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Airplane Accidents – Cause of “Broken Wings”

Airplane can instantly bring you to the place where you want to be. It also offers a more comfortable trip as compared to other means of (sea and land) transportation. But this craft may also immediately bring you to death the moment its wings got broken along the invisible highway.

It’s unpredictable, but possible. It could happen anytime, and any time your life will tragically change. Indeed, your possibility of survival in airplane accidents is very low, and “hope” offers no other option, except to pray.

Meanwhile, as the effects are taking into the whole picture, the causes are also making the whole story clear. The causes are the reasons why steels and bones have divided into pieces. Airplanes commonly crashed because of the following reasons:

Bad Weather Condition – Stormy weather with strong winds and lightning often causes the equipment to malfunction and the pilot to break his control of the airplane. This factor is considered as uncontrollable.

Defective Equipment – Defects on the machine and other parts of the aircraft are a big factor that contribute to accidents. It is usually the manufacturer who is blamed for the said errors.

Poor Maintenance – Improper or poor maintenance of the airplane is one of the top causes of accidents. In this case, it’s the company who’s to be blamed.

Pilot Negligence – Misinterpretation of instructions often left pilots in a big tragedy. It is a common human error in aircraft accidents.

Control Tower Negligence – When the tower controllers give incorrect instructions to pilots, there is big chance for accidents to happen. Collisions between airplanes are one example when information are inaccurately delivered.

Airplane accidents are really devastating, thus the pilot and crew members must always safely secure everything before taking off. But if in the middle of the trip, you feel that something is wrong, do not attempt to jump because you have no wings to fly, unless you already have parachute. The safest thing do is to stay calm and be alert for instructions to be given by the crew staff. Remember, nervousness doesn’t matter in life and death.

When you or your relative survived an airplane crash with serious injuries, we are here to help you! We can provide a well-experienced and competent Personal Injury Attorney to help you get just compensation you deserve. Call us, the Ledger & Associates, at 800-300-0001.