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Theme Park Accident: Amusement of Blood and Tears |
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Riding in a roller-coaster is like flying beyond the horizon of the seas and the sky. You are soaring with your invisible wings which are spreading upon the command of your excitement. It’s totally addictive!


The moment such description poisons your mind; you cannot pull but push yourself to try another ride. You’re free to choose what to experience next; just be sure that your pocket is able to pay. But, on the negative perspective of your deed, didn’t it come to the back of your mind that your happiness might cut off your neurons and ignite the sorrows of your unknown tomorrow?


Indeed, nothing can be certain in your answer. The words that will come out from your mouth are the unspoken doubts from the dungeon of your heart. You are in the world of uncertainty! You are in the Amusement Park – the place which can turn your happiness into catastrophe. If it does not fit your description of reality, then you are dead even before your spirit utters the last farewell to your materialistic body.

Material, yes, this is the precise word for the instrument that may break your bone inside the boundary of the amusement park. It’s not a hypothesis for it has already been proven. One proof is that of the case of the Xcelerator which was shut down while being investigated by the authorities in California Safety Health. The said coaster rotates up to eighty mph in not less than 2.5 seconds and can carry twenty passengers at a time. However, the speed and capacity is not a proper justification when there are already injuries and damages.

In the early 1990s, it has been recorded that over ten thousand people were seriously injured in the US amusement parks. The causes of accidents according to the Commission in-charge for safety are negligence of ride operators, defective construction of ride materials, failure of machine, and weak maintenance. Thus, if you were injured from a ride accident, the people who may be held liable for your compensation are the maintenance staff, ride operators, park engineers and/or architects.

In rare cases, it is tough for authorities to gather information after park accidents because it is argued that the parks have no obligation to make the accident known to the public. And, furthermore, the insufficient surveillance of accidents makes it even tougher to estimate the damages of the victim/s. Hence, as an immediate effect, this issue becomes a reason why ride accidents are increasing until today.


            As to who are at risk with death and injuries in the said place, it is indisputable that anyone who is within the premises of the park becomes a subject of the tragedy. The children, however, who is the loyal customers of exciting rides are the most common victims.  One may even conclude now that there is really laughter in the amusement park, but jokes are always out of place.

In whatever instance, if you or your child was injured due to any ride accident in the amusement park, you can ask compensation for your injuries or damages. To legally do this, you need to hire an accident lawyer who is expert in the case. Do not compromise the time; do not wait until the “amusement of blood and tears” becomes real.

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