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Motorcycle Accident – Laws for Two Wheels |
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    Car accident
  • Car accident

Motorcycle Accident – Laws for Two Wheels

Motorcycle accidents are already part of the ordinary scenes in the United States highways. It is very common when reckless drivers start to ignite their excitement and travel with the speed of running cheetah. No one cares until they are caught in the act with blood and twisted bones. But this common scenario doesn’t make any issue; it is the fact that some offenders don’t know their laws that do make ugly twitters and noise.

It has been said that drivers should know the laws in order to properly follow them, and the authorities should justly execute the laws to ensure fair and responsible observance of the citizens. In the case of motorcycle accidents, however, it’s always the drivers who carry the wrong spotlight for they don’t know the laws.

In California, the motorcycle drivers are commanded to have (1) Safety Helmets, (2) Passenger Seat when you wish to carry a friend, (3) Passenger Footrest, and (4) Headlight Use on the day for old vehicles. When involved in an accident, the law also provides that the driver has a compulsory monetary liability; failure to comply this would mean suspension of license for one year.

Meanwhile, the following are some important facts about motorcycle accidents in California:

• Motorcycles are involved in more than 12,000 road accidents with at least 400 fatalities

• It was estimated that per vehicle miles traveled, motorcycle drivers have greater chance of being killed in an accident than the passengers.

• In 2008, there were not less than 500 victims killed in motorcycle accidents

• Record indicates that more than 1000 victims did not use safety equipment like helmet

• The motorcycle drivers have been considered 90% guilty in traffic collisions.

With the given statistics, it is really alarming that motorcycle riders do not observe traffic rules or laws for their safety, and this negligence often results to fatal accidents causing the death of innocent lives.

Whether you are a driver or not, knowing the laws really matters. By doing so, you can exercise your rights legally and avoid consequences which might harm you in the future. Do not follow the wrongs which have already been committed; make a difference. Have an extreme fun, but do not take “safety” out of your vocabulary.

If you or someone important to you is a victim of motorcycle accident, then the Ledger & Associates is more than willing to make you know the “laws for two wheels” and fight for your claims in court. You would surely have no regret when you make a call at 800-300-0001.