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    Car accident
  • Car accident

Practice Areas

We Practice Your Choice

Airplane, Automobile, Motorcycle, Slip and Fall, Theme Park, and Truck Accidents are among the most common causes of Spinal Cord or Brain injury and Wrongful Death cases in the United States.

These are likewise the reasons why a number of lawsuits are filed in the different federal courts.

But, for us, the Ledger and Associates, it is the prime reason of our existence. In every aspect of the law, we adhere to the call of justice for every victim and accused.

Our fight involves the compensation for personal injuries and damages to property, and also wrongful death issues before the court. On how every case is settled depends on its nature and expertise of the lawyer. Thus, if you are involved in any of the mentioned cases, the choice for a specialized lawyer is really necessary.

If you made a wrong choice, then expect something wrong from the outcome. Take for example if your attorney is not expert or has no relevant experience in your case, what then could you favorably expect? It is something below the bar that you still need to pull up before you can win and consider your decision a right one. And it seldom happens (even in a blue moon) that a case ended in favor of the attorney defending beyond his capacity. This is one consequence behind the choices you can make.

The advantages, upon one hand, in choosing the competent and specialized lawyers in different legal cases are impliedly given. Truth to tell, they are summed up in one word: WIN. If you have chosen the right and/or appropriate attorney, you have no doubt to worry about for the matter is handled by someone who is well-versed “up-side-down”.

To provide clear distinction, there are some cases won in the past because of the right choice made by the clients. One best example is the case won by the then US President Abraham Lincoln before he was elected as president.

President Lincoln was then a criminal lawyer. His client was accused of murder, and the witness had certainly testified before the court that it was undoubtedly the accused who shoot the victim with a revolver. The strategy of Lincoln as a specialized lawyer in the said case is what made him won the case. The witness, during Lincoln’s cross examination, committed a culpable error when he answered that “he saw the accused shooting the victim because there was a moon during that night”. At this point, Lincoln was able to twist the judgment by presenting to the judge an Almanac to prove that at that time there was no moon. The guilt beyond reasonable doubt was at the top of controversy because of such confession. Anyhow, vis a vis to the aforementioned argument, the relevance of Lincoln’s case is that it proves, in one way or another, that no matter how hard the case may be if only the victim or accused hire the right attorney, there is still chance to celebrate victory after the court’s judgment.

Be as it may, the accident cases are of great economic and psychological burden to someone who is involved. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made before having the glory and grace of the case. But with the right attorney on your side, you can lessen the foreseeable problems of the inevitable accidents. Hence, if you or your relative is a victim of the mentioned accidents, the Ledger & Associates can be the best choice that you could ever make. Let us win your case the way Lincoln did… Call us at 800-300-0001.