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Spinal Cord Injury – Connect the “Cord” of Your Life |
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    Car accident
  • Car accident

Spinal Cord Injury – Connect the “Cord” of Your Life

Having a spinal cord injury is just like having a monster who would haunt you until forever. You may not even dare to retrospect the past just to forget the day you were injured. Unfortunately, you are “disabled” to enjoy the remaining days of your life; and acceptance is the only cure for your miseries.

No doubt, it’s unfortunate; you are paralyzed and unable to bring back your other vital senses. And worst, there still is no treatment for the spinal cord injury; as patient, you are only rehabilitated with the hope that it can make you walk again.

The following is the US Statistics for Spinal Cord Injury:

•  Not less than ten thousand spinal cord injuries are recorded in the US every year. The injuries are usually caused by negligence of people.

•  Nearly 40% of serious spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents.

•  At least 20% of said injuries are related to falls.

•  Nearly 30% are from gunshot wounds.

•  More than 70% of the injuries happen to males aged of sixteen to thirty.

As to the cost of medication, it is normally high and difficult for the victim’s family to handle. This is the challenging part of economic burden that the victim cannot escape to go through. It is equal with the emotional or psychological pain that the victim may be suffering. The injury sometimes even lead to wrongful death of the victim and “bankruptcy” of the savings of the family.

Thus, when you are currently suffering from the effects of spinal cord injury and wants to seek justice and compensation, it should be better for you to immediately hire a personal injury attorney that can defend your rights. A personal injury lawyer will be the one who will handle your personal injury and/or damage case.

For better understanding of the case, you must also know the laws of the state that cover the penalties and compensation for injury or accident cases. The law usually provides that in civil case like yours, the offender is obliged to pay for your economic and non-economic damages. It includes your lost income, hospital bills, household fees, possible lost in salary, payment for pain and suffering, and other expenses to be determined by court. But in case of death of the victim, it’s another story. Death compensation includes additional payments for burial and dependents of the deceased.

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