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Theme Park Accidents – Ride Your Rights! |
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Theme Park Accidents – Ride Your Rights!

Going to the theme parks is one of the rewarding activities for kids who want to enjoy and have fun after school, and for adults who want to relax and distress themselves after work. This place can really be extremely amazing; it takes away sorrows and problems and replaces them with immeasurable joy and happiness.

However, as happiness becomes real, danger also becomes a threat to every park visitor. The cases of ride-related accidents in theme or amusement parks in the recent years have become alarming. There have been an estimated of at least 4,000 park accidents in the United States every year. And the main causes are defective machines and negligence of the company or operators.

With these alarming facts, US laws have been enacted to penalize those who were the cause of the accidents, and to protect the rights of the victims . Specifically, the three basic laws that have such provisions are the law on negligence, liability law, and the law on premises liability. These laws, in summary, cover both the penalties of the offenders and the compensation of the victims.

On the other hand, the vital things for the victims to remember in case an accident happen are (1) To seek for medical assistance, (2) To call for police officers, and (3) To hire a competent personal injury lawyer. The first is necessary to prevent further injuries that may cause the death of the victim, and to have medical records which could be used as evidence in claiming for compensation; the second should also be done so that there would be authorities to investigate and/or record the accident, and; the last is as important as the previous two because no one else could secure the just compensation of the victim other than a competent lawyer for the said case.

Worth of note is that there are a number of celebrated park accident cases in the recent years. The negligence of the company is often blamed for the occurrence of the said accidents.

If you are a victim of accident in theme parks, then don’t hide your rights in your mouth. You have the right to be compensated by the company if its fault or negligence is proven in court. What you should do then is to “ride your rights” by hiring a personal injury attorney. Your best option to have the said lawyer is the Ledger & Associates! Call us at 800-300-0001.