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Truck Accident – Pitfalls of Death |
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    Car accident
  • Car accident

Truck Accident – Pitfalls of Death

Death is either a consequence of fault or a cause of deceit. It’s a precise philosophical perspective that can broadly construe how life ended without due diligence. Such phenomenon is often the case of truck accidents that now become as one of the topmost causes of untimely death in the United States.

In every fifteen minutes, one or more lives are injured or “stolen”. The negligent and drunkard drivers are often blamed in the occurrence of road accidents. However, behind this common cause are other truck accident causes usually left unnoticed: (1) Over Fatigue, (2) Equipment Failure, (3) Road Condition, (4) Intersection Design, (5) Driving Errors, (6) Distractions, (7) Over Speeding, and (8) Unfavorable weather.

Over Fatigue – The Traffic Safety Administration has recorded at least 90,000 accidents that are related to fatigue drivers. This is always the immediate consequence when drivers had no enough sleep and extremely stressed with their works. Thus, if you are not in good condition, do not drive and gamble your life along the way.

Equipment Failure – the mechanical failures such as lose of brake, tires, and the like can directly cause a car accident. This is either due to the negligence of the driver himself, the mechanic of the car, or the company of the said defective parts. Hence, double-checking of the condition of your truck is very necessary to avoid injuries or death in the road.

Road Condition – Slippery and rough roads are one reason why trucks crashed. The fault is to be blamed both to the driver who is not taking extra-care while driving and state authorities who do not provide warnings and rehabilitate the roads immediately.

Intersection Design – Poor design of intersection often causes truck accidents. Trucks and cars are crashing because drivers don’t usually notice pedestrian or other cars in this area. If you are at this point of road, it would be better to drive slowly.

Driving Errors – Drivers who do not properly follow driving and traffic rules commonly commit serious errors that lead to accident. The reason why being responsible is a must all the time.

Distractions – Texting and calling are the common distractions for drivers that cause accident to happen. Avoiding the said and many other temptations is necessary for safe driving.

Over Speeding – Speeding your cars beyond the limit can lead not only to violation, but also to your untimely death. So better drive slowly and safely.

Unfavorable weather – Rainy or stormy weather is counted to be one cause especially when drivers lost their control of wheels in slippery roads. Thus, extra-care is very helpful to avoid accident.

The above-mentioned causes are really helpful whether you are a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. They serve as guides and at the same time warnings. Hence, being aware of them minimizes your risk to be involved in car accidents.

Undeniably, it is true that accidents are inevitable, but you can always avoid them with enough “know-how” of the pros and cons, and by having extra-care in your every act. Don’t be afraid; truck accidents are just the “pitfalls of death.”

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