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Debt of Death – A Wrongful Death Case |
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Debt of Death – A Wrongful Death Case

Death, in a devoted Christian’s perspective, is just a normal process of spiritual cleansing to prepare the sinful human soul in entering the city of heaven – the most holy place which according to Saint Augustine lives the people of God. The other one which was hypothetically called as “the City of the World” is where materialistic individuals were thrown to live with impermanent gratitude in their souls. Congruently, from the said assumption follows the question on whether or not death is an unrevealed debt before life come into existence and after the prophecy has been laid down for a willful conduct of the entire humanity.

It remains unanswered, though apparent to be construed. No wonder why there are still souls who cannot rest in peace because of the ambiguity of the destiny which has formed their lives on Earth. They died not on the time they have expected, and even on the place where they want to be buried. It was not a choice, but a predestined plan of one who never resorted to the choice of the world. These all seem a hypothesis which is yet to be concluded.

Consider the case of those who died in the wrong time because of others’ negligence. Has the justice of life been invoked in favor of the victim? Obviously, not. In no case had the aggrieved one exercised the free choice given to him. This is theoretically the “debt of death” that one must pay for the deceased.

The wrongful death, as the case in point, has always been the “spiritual” and legal issue that confronts the relatives of the deceased victim. It is not an uncommon query to ask with all the “why” questions. Unequivocally, on the practical side, what matters is that what remains, not what was lost. The hope is what remains. The relatives of the wrongful death victim can live with the hope to be compensated. One statute in California provides guidelines on whom can be considered as claimants for wrongful death.

The following is the descending order of priorities under the law: (1) The deceased’s wife, children, and stepchildren, (2) Parents, siblings, and grandparents, (3) If none of these families are still alive, the court shall decide for on who among the other immediate families can claim, and (4) Victim’s representative may also file the claim in behalf of the mentioned individuals.

Meanwhile, the laws recognize the economic and non-economic damages of the family as caused by the victim’s death. To sum up, the family could be compensated with:

• financial assistance that the deceased would have rendered during the victim’s life expectancy

• the benefits lost from the death of the victim

• burial or funeral expenses

• possible household services that might have been provided by the victim.

• loss of companionship, love, guidance and protection.

With the alarming statistics of wrongful death cases in the United States today, the role of wrongful death attorneys plays a big part in changing the lives of the victim’s relatives. By helping them get the just and fair compensation they deserve, it could hardly be noticed on their recovery that they have lost something above what they have gained.

If you or someone you know is a qualified relative of the wrongful death victim, then you need a help of an expert attorney of the said case. The death of your loved one matters! Indeed, it is a debt to be paid. Call us, the Ledger & Associates, at 800-300-0001 for FREE EVALUATION of your case.